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Our servers.

Server statuses.

How admin works.



Our servers:

Currently we do not have any active servers. 

You may connect to a server directly by clicking on the name if available.

Server Statuses:

No information available. 


We regularly blacklist players for various reasons and from various sources. Please check out:

TyD's blacklist

AC blacklist thread

AC obvious cheats thread

How admin works

As a clan, all members are allowed an admin password to our servers and must follow strict usage rules with it. You do not immediately get your password when you join, rather you must prove to us that you are going to be with the clan for quite some time with no behavioral issues (About 3 months). We do not hand out passwords to other players unless they are strong allies with us and must also follow our admin rules. AC has enough admin abuse, we are cutting that out of the equation. Spamming or repeatedly asking for admin will not get you very far or anywhere. 


If you ever have any problems with our servers, please contact X-Ray_Dog immediately by using the contact us link in the side bar. If you need a temporary admin pass for something and you do not have stars on your account, one can be issued to you for an event. Please read the above text.

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