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Star ranking system.

Current member warnings list.

Current member inactivity stats.

Server administrative rules.

Clan rules.

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Notice: Recruitment is currently closed. We are not accepting

     In order to be fully recruited into |FOX|, you have to complete three objectives. Remember, clans take devotion so time will be put into the full process. We also require that you are able to speak English fluently or understandably. Your first two objectives can be seen below in the form of two different skills tests. You must successfully pass both to continue with recruitment. Either test may be performed first to your liking. Each test can only be given once per day. After both tests successfully pass, the new recruit must fill out an application and submit it. We are more than likely going to ask you to play a few matches while your app is pending. Once submitted, the app will be posted publicly in our forums and full admission will be voted upon within the clan itself on the vote page. You must receive a 4:1 ratio of yes votes. The vote will last for 10 days. As soon as a vote finishes, you will be emailed whether your acceptance has been approved or declined. You may get your voting results upon request. A lack of votes will also fail it so try and get members to vote for you, but don't spam.

Key Notes: 

  •  Act professional. We want people that can control themselves.
  • Take time. We are not an "all at once" clan, rights are earned and take time.
  • Say it, don't spray it. All opinions matter so allow us to respond in a timely manner.
  • Walk it out. Play some rounds with us or even an inter or 1v1.

*Once passed, you never have to take the skills tests again so long as you have remained active in the game.

(Recruiters) The baseline is simply a reference. There is a 10 frag range on all tests. If the player is well known and considered a hard worker but is unable to get passed the original set limit, you may lower the baseline by up to 5 frags. If the player is known for being a smart ass or spamming their little heads off but is reasonable, raise the baseline up to 5 frags. It is completely up to the recruiter if one gets a pass or a fail.

Admins when testing:

Play Ac_Douze in mode Death Match. (25 frags baseline) +-5

Our goal: To test for long and mid distances with various tools.

If first test pass: Tell new member to find a moderator.

If second test pass: Fill out an application. 

Moderators when testing:

Play Ac_Gothic in mode One Shot One Kill. (20 frags baseline) +-5

Our Goal: Test for reflexes, accuracy, and common sense.

If first test pass: Tell new member to find an admin.

If second test pass: Fill out an application. 

You may download the Application form directly from here. After completion, please email it as an attachment to acxraydog@gmail.com for the evaluation period to begin.

NOTE: The downloadable application is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer. If for some reason you are limited to Internet Explorer, or if the above file does not work for your browser, you can download the Application here.

If you are denied into the clan, you must wait at least 30 days before you may re-apply. Use this time to fix problems that may be corrupting your chances. You will not have to be re-skills tested* but your application will have to be resubmitted. If you get a second time fail, then you will not be admitted into the Fox clan.

     Admission is based on an acceptance system meaning once a player is signed up, he or she must await conformation from an admin that all aspects have been fulfilled before one can be allowed full access to this site. If the member manages to pass one test, they are not in the clan yet and thus can not wear the tag until they become fully enlisted including a passing application. Recruiters have the right to end ones recruitment process at any time for good reasoning.

Star ranking system for our rules

Our rules go by a star (*) ranking system and breaking any of these rules will earn you these. This is something you don't want to earn. Here is how it works:

One * is a minor offense

Two ** is a moderate offense

Three *** is a major offense

As you break rules and are reported doing so, stars will be placed onto your account. You can earn up to four stars total (see below). You can also lose stars given a "good period" which means if you behave, you can lose stars. You lose one star every 10 days starting from the date of your LAST offense. Your clan rank may also be affected as follows:

If you have 1 star, then your rank does not change

If you have 2 stars, you become a regular member if not already

If you have 3 stars, you become a limited member if not already

If you have 4 stars, you become kicked from the clan and all of its entities. 

Current Member Warning List:

|FOX|~Steve~; Kicked; Aim bot; ~Proof~ ; Sep 19

Because the following are not extreme, warnings are given:


Current Member Inactivity Stats:

     Inactivity is based on your last login to acfox.webs.com. This is the official way to check on members to look for participation. Members that have not signed in for two weeks are marked as Inacive. If a member has not signed in for two months or more, they are marked as MIA or Missing In Action. The week that you sign in is the same week that your inactive label will come off. If a member is inactive for more than a comfortable amount of time (i.e. no one knew the person well), they will be kicked from the clan and all of its entities. 

Updated: October 2nd

Server administrative rules:

     When in one of our servers, you have to follow strict rules as well when claiming admin or have been given it:

1) Never give admin to anyone outside of our clan unless a clan admin approves (only people listed on the members page of this site)*

2) Never force vote a map or mode into play, drop admin first and do a regular vote*

3) Do not adjust teams by switching players without true reason, drop admin first and do a regular vote*

4) Do not kick a player for stupid reasons (noob, camper, f*cker, etc) and always use a real reason (teamkiller for instance)*

5) Always put the real reason for a kick or ban in the vote*

6) Ban only if the offense is evidently clear and repeated*

7) Never clear out a server for your own use**

8) Do not force a shuffleteam* 

9) Do not hold admin power and break rules so that others can not kick you for your offenses** 

10) Do not be admin simply because you want to show off*

11) People will call you a noob and cuss but that is not a valid reason to kick or ban someone; racism or a ton of cussing would be an exception* 

12) Players will constantly request that you do something for them and it is a bad idea to listen to them because the servers are set so that players can do what they want without admin*

13) Do not fight for admin in a server, the first person to claim gets it. Clan admins may come in and take it away**

14) Do not force change the master-mode to private unless the server is empty, or unless the current participants request that you do so (clan match, coop, etc.)*

15) Whatever the map in game is set to (mode), then those are the rules for playing;   ie: Douze TOSOK is team one shot one kill, so if you are playing with only knives, it is not an administrative privileged to kick for "guns" because the players are truly playing according to the game mode*

16) Never admin connect to a full server in which someone gets kicked because of you*

~ If any admin rules are broken, the users pass will be disabled until all warnings are removed. Remember, just use common sense.

Clan Rules:

Always remember: Expect the Unexpected

1) You must have the prefix |FOX| at all times with your registered name**

2) You can not change your name once registered without notifying an admin**

3) Never hand out passwords unless allowed to do so by the clan administrators**

4) Be productive in helping others*

5) Do not imitate anyone else**

6) Never say anything bad about this clan or in general (Racism and Vulgar language included)**

7) Work to promote our clan with common sense and respect to others*

8) Only clan Administrators or Moderators may recruit new players**

9) Try your best during any match or battle*

10) Practice with your mistakes and weaknesses*

11) No excessive camping or team killing**

12) Absolutely no hacking or cheating in any way (As follows)

  • 12.a Game script for automatic gun switch or weapon gain**
  • 12.b Map glitch exposure or exploit***
  • 12.c Speedcheat, Aimbot, Major game modifications (Kick and reported)

13) Never give up, fight till the end (Exceptions include cheating opponents or unruly map changes or admin abuse from the other team)**

14) Never spam anyone or anything, ever, at all**

15) Never post any bad or nude pictures, videos, or links on this site***

16) Never be in any other clan besides |FOX| at a time (Kick)

17) When in any server, always put the real reason for a kick or ban* 

18) When in any server, only kick for good reasoning (camping is not a reason)*

19) Do not vote up a map just to change the current one and leave*

20) Never have multiple accounts on this site for any reason (All accounts get deleted)

21) If a forum is closed, do not reopen it if you have the capabilities or start another thread that continues an old closed thread if considered off topic or useless*

22) Do not accuse someone of a punishable offense without full and valid proof to back it up**

Most of all, play fair, be mature, and just have fun!

~ Three strikes offense: Break the rules three times over the course of being in the clan without being kicked and you will be kicked. We have 0 tolerance for ignorance. 

~ If there is a strong reason why a rule was broken and you do not explain yourself in a decent amount of time (preferably before hand if you can), the warnings will remain.

Subject of change

All rules on this site are subject to change without notice. We will work to inform you of a change in the rules when it occurs. It is your responsibility to continue to check for new rules as well. 

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