October 6th, |FOX| closed. Biggest question of the day: Why? Biggest answer of the day: Because. Elaborating, X-Ray_Dog and Thrawn felt that so much had happened, both personally and AC wise that it had to be closed. We have had inactivity problems and a lot of critics but that only played such a part in their reason. |FOX| was a victory clan, we worked together, we had the greatest participation, and we had a good run. It seems we have slipped into a hole and such measures must be taken. We were more than just a clan (Here comes cliche part), but we all here were strong friends and the older members all went through the same shit. We all knew each other to a pretty strong extent and we did a lot together. Administration was not passed. This clan was wrapped around Thrawn and X-Ray_Dog so they are the only ones who should ever have control. |FOX| is nothing without its leaders, or its members alone. Everyone has done something great for us, but everything good has to end at one point. |FOX| has made its name in AC, so it is asked that you leave it as it is. We thank you for your time, and most of all your participation, but its time to go. Remember: Expect the Unexpected. NEVER forget that, even after |FOX|, for life, for games, for everything. 

     Officially closed October 6th; age of clan: 1 year; Happy Birthday!


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